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in which i may have become an entrepreneur…

  • August 22, 2015
  • By Happy

It’s not every day you wake up to find out the company you worked for folded overnight.  What were the odds?  (Well, it turns out they were probably good, but I didn’t know to be paying attention.)  But still.  It was an unexpected shock, and a heart-breaking one.  I really liked my job, had good relationships with many of the people I worked with, and high hopes for a great future with a company I believed in.  After fourteen weeks of unemployment at the beginning this year, I was finally starting to get back on my feet financially, had an article coming out on BonBon Break, and was writing again on a consistent basis.  Life was great – and then all of a sudden, it wasn’t.

But let me tell you something about the people I used to work with: we were a team, and losing our jobs didn’t change that.  We were all hired because we’re resourceful – if it’s on the internet, we can find it, or we can find someone who can.  So we pulled together, and spent two weeks putting our skills to work for ourselves, figured out how to become independent contractors, and started our own virtual assistant companies.  (You can find mine – Virtual Felicity – at

It’s entirely possible that I’m insane, that this company will fail miserably, and I will look back on this as the dumbest idea I have ever had.  Who starts a business in less than a week?  Especially when three-four hundred other people are doing exactly the same thing, at the same time, and in the same market?

But let me tell you something else about the people I used to work with: for all that we’ve become each others’ competition in the job market – most of us aren’t acting like it.  You wouldn’t believe the way we’re cheering each other on, sharing resources and advice.  It’s pretty fantastic.

I have no illusions about success.  It will be a lot of work to get this company off the ground, and I’m working on a back-up plan (just in case), because it wouldn’t be smart not to… but the way I see it: I have about four weeks to figure out whether or not I can make a go of this.  And I’m going to need a little help.

Would you consider supporting my new business in one (or all?!) of the following ways?

  1. Subscribe to the blog on my new website (Virtual Felicity), and please share/tweet the articles I’ll be writing there.  (And don’t worry – I’ll still be writing here, too!)
  2. “Follow” Virtual Felicity on Twitter.
  3. “Like” Virtual Felicity on Facebook – and invite your friends to “like” it, too!
  4. Consider hiring me!!  I have monthly plans that start out as low as $125/month – and will also be taking jobs on a task-by-task basis.
  5. Please tell your friends!!  Since I’ve rather unexpectedly become an entrepreneur, I am banking on referrals to get started.  I’d be honored if you’d refer your friends, whether by social media, email, or just calling them up. (Remember: virtual assistants do more than just office work; everyone needs help sometimes!)

Oh, and just something to keep in mind, about social media sharing: every little bit counts, and I’m grateful for every page like and post like I get – for Simple Felicity and my new business.  But think of it this way:

  • “Likes” are kind of like a pat on the shoulder; a way of saying “good job!” or “I support this!”
  • “Shares” are kind of like a side-hug; a way of saying “this is really great” or “I connected with this.”
  • “Shares” with a personal comment?  Those are like running across the room and making a scene about giving a hug; a way of saying “this is fantastic” and “I”m so excited about this; I want everyone to know!”
  • “Shares” with a personal comment on a specific friend’s wall, suggesting that we might connect?  That’s like going out for ice cream, or a chai tea latté on a chilly fall day.
  • ALL of these are, by the way, awesome.  But you know me: I like hugs.  And ice cream.  And a great chai tea latté.


photo courtesy of / Alejandro Escamilla

By Happy, August 22, 2015
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